Saturday, 21 August 2010

Thank you Doreen for this lovely award!

Hi all

I received this lovely award from Doreen who is just one of the bestest and most creative people around blogland, she is never too busy to post a little love around blogland. Thanks again Doreen (((HUGS))), I am lucky enough to be on not 1 but 2 DT's with Doreen ;-) HAPPY ANNIVERSARY by the way!!

Of course there are some rules to accepting this award, so here goes:

1. Thank the person who gave you this award - mission accomplished!
2. Put the award on your blog - mission accomplished!
3. List 3 things about yourself:

  • I grew up on the edge of a tiny village in Oxfordshire called Ewelme

  • It was love at first sight when I met my husband

  • I cried at Tarzan (the cartoon) movie - in fact I can cry at anything lol

  • 4. Post a picture you love: Yaseen and Safiyyah at Blackpool zoo last year after having wild cat face painting done:

      5. Now is the tough bit, tag 5 people you want to pass the award onto

      Cath Wilson who is not only amazingly creative and inspirational she also makes time to leave such wonderful comments!
      Anita who again is a beautiful and lovely lady (yes I called you a lady) and oozes creative inspiration with every post!
      Pascale who can equal me in the giddiness stakes and we can have a cyber workout buzzing off eachothers enthusiasm LOL!!
      Gina who is another of the sweetest people around and always makes time to leave some love
      Lisa Jane who just makes me chuckle at her blog with her infectious humour


      1. well deserved award Sarah and lovely to see pic if your children and your interesting facts... i had a lump in my throat reading then lol.
        Thanks for passing it on to me... off now to think of something interesting about me !
        Have a great day
        Lisa ;)

      2. Congratulations, Sarah!! You deserve it ;)

        Lovely to read your info, too and your kids are gorgeous!

        Still can't believe you said such lovely things - thank you so much for the award.


      3. Hiya Sweetie
        Thank you so very much for your kind award and your lovely lovely words, you are such a gem Sarah. I just love reading the posts that you make Hun and your photo of your 2 little herberts is GORGEOUS!..xxxx


      Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog - I really appreciate it!