Personalised Candle tutorial

Hi all

All of my fellow DT over on Creative Craft World are getting super excited about Christmas which is fast approaching, how many more sleeps is it...?

For our countdown each of the DT are creating projects with tutorials which we hope will inspire you and help with getting you into the festive spirit. There are all sorts of amazing projects planned and a new one will be posted every day throughout November!

This is my first project and the first time I have ever made a personalised candle, however I must say it was amazingly easy and quick so I will definitely be making more! For years I have bought decorated candles and spent a fortune on them too, but no more haha!

The items you will need before you start are:

Candle (of course)
Tissue paper
Non stick baking paper/Greaseproof paper
Ink pad
Colouring medium (I used Whispers watercolour pens)
Heat gun

STEP 1: Stamp image onto tissue paper and colour it in, the best thing about using tissue paper is that you can reverse the image.

STEP 2: Cut around the images using scissors, leaving a small border around the image seems to work better. Place the cut out images on your candle where you want them.

 STEP 3: Wrap the Baking sheet/greaseproof paper tightly around the candle making sure the tissue images are not creased. Hold the paper tightly at the back.

STEP 4: With your heat gun heat the images (don't hold the heat gun too close of the wax will melt too much), gently "waft" the heat gun back and forth to evenly distribute the heat. You will notice that the image starts getting slightly darker. What you want is the tissue paper to 'disappear' into the candle.

STEP 5: Once you think it is ready start peeling back the baking paper, the tissue images should all be stuck down and have a thin coating of wax over, if there are areas not yet stuck down simply re wrap the baking paper and give it another blast with the heat gun.

STEP 6: Decorate with ribbon, lace, beads or whatever takes your fancy!! Most of all HAVE FUN!!

Health and Safety notice just for Lisa Jane (LOL!)- yes they are safe for use, however NEVER leave a lit candle unattended.