Advent Calendar

Another quick tutorial on how to make this cute Advent Calendar tree which is featured on this blog post.

You will need:
Twigs, enough for 25 cones to hand from
25 8cm x 8cm paper (I used some wall paper samples)
Twine or ribbon
Small scallop punch
Text background stamp
Number rubber stamps
Double sided tape
Hole punch

Step 1: With the patterned side of the squares faced down stick a strip of the double sided tape on the left hand edge.
Step 2: With the tape on the left hand side punch a hole on the top right hand corner
Step 3: Remove the backing from the tape and role the paper into a cone
Step 4: Tie ribbon or twine to make a hanger
Step 5: Punch out 25 small scallops and stamp with text background stamp with Distress Frayed Burlap, then stamp numbers 1 - 25 using Adrondack Currant
Step 6: Fill with treats!
Step 7: Hang on the branches

I stamped the inside of the cones with a background stamp using Adirondack Currant.