Tree Decoration tutorial

This is just a quick tutorial to to make the Christmas Tree decoration.

You need 2 pieces of paper or thin card. I used 12" x 4" and 8" x 2" but you can use any size.
An image, sentiment or flower for in the centre of the decoration.
1" circle of card.
Border punch (if you want a decorative border)


STEP 1. Concertina fold both strips of paper make sure the folds are sharp.

STEP 2. Open up the longest strip a little and "tease" it into a circle. Add some adhesive to one of the outside edges and join together. You may find it wants to pop up like a tent (lol) but this will sort itself out when you add the other layer.

STEP 3. Repeat step 2 for the shorter piece.

STEP 4. Add adhesive to one side of the 1" circle and place on top of the larger rosette. Add adhesive to the top of the circle and firmly place the smaller rosette on top of the larger one.

STEP 5. Add your flower, stamped image or photo on top of the smaller rosette with adhesive.

STEP 6. Adhere some ribbon to the back to make a hanger.

That's it, simples!