Sunday, 1 August 2010

A sketch over at Creative Craft World!

Hi all

Today is the beginning of another FAB challenge over on Creative Craft World, the lovely Sue has given us a gorgeous sketch to work from. There is no specific theme as long as you follow the sketch, you can flip it, rotate it do what you want as long as we can see the sketch on your card or layout! There is a chance to win a GDT spot for our next challenge.

Such a good job I was nice and prepared for this challenge as on Wednesday my 14 year old son Zaid got knocked over by a van!! He is so lucky to have escaped with only cuts and bruises and a broken wrist!!

He was very sensibly crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing and waited for the lights to turn red. Once the green man appeared he started to cross but some idiot in a white transit van decided to use the bus lane to under take all the stationary cars and went through the light on red and hit Zaid!!! Don't know how he managed not to get worse injuries (but thank God) as he was thrown about 8 - 10 metres from the crossing!

He is still shook up, as are we all, my 8 year old witnessed it and won't stop crying poor little thing!

Anyhow, here is a travel journal I made from paper bags for a family we are friends with who are emigrating to New Zealand after spending 4 months travelling around Europe!


  1. what a fabulous project ... your friends will love it.
    Sorry to hear about your sons experience - you must all be shaken by it... its a blessing he wasn't hurt more badly.
    You take care and love to you all
    Lisa ;)

  2. Oh my Sara, what an awful thing for your son to go through, it is good he didn't get more seriously hurt.I do feel for you,time is a good healer.

    I love your paper bag album, very creative
    Doreen xxx

  3. Oh Sara I am so sorry to hear about this terrible incident. Thank God your son is not seriously injured. Big hugs to all of you. Anehsa

  4. Hope Zaid and little one is starting to feel abit better now Sarah ? Im still amazed that Zaid escaped with such minimal injuries.. Is he superman ;o) Watch for postie ;o)
    Absolutely gorgeous travel journal. I love it !!
    Choccy x

  5. Typical white van driver - think that they own the road! - best wishes for Zaid and the little one - love the journal, lucky friends being able to travel Sarah x

  6. Oh Sarah this is awful. So sorry to read about your sons. The one that had the accident and the poor little chap that witnessed it. Thank goodness it wasn't any worse!

    I hope that things improve for them both quickly (and for you too).

    Not a good start to their school summer holiday!

    Love your journal Sarah - gorgeous work.

    Love Jules xx

  7. Sarah, huge (((hugs))) for you and your poor lad, bless his heart, I am so sorry to read this about his accident. I hope that idiot in the van gets some karma bite him in the butt sometime soon. So glad to hear that Zaid is ok, but what an awful worry for you all. Healing thoughts all round Hun. Love the journal, its

  8. Oh my goodness! So glad Zaid is going to be ok and hope your younger son recovers from the shock soon. And I am positive that dude in the van will gets what he is owed, he will surely loose his license with so many witnesses.
    Gorgeous gift for your friends, they will have so much fun filling it in :D XXX

  9. Hey Girl, hope he is doing a bit better now. Give him a big (careful) feel better hug from me.

    I love these journals that you made. Stunning work.
    Big hug

  10. Wow Sarah this is great! You have put a load of work into it and it really shows. What a lovely gift :D

    Amy xx

  11. Oh what a shock for you all - poor little man. Hope he is feeling much better now - did they get the driver?

    Love your travel journal and am sure your friends will be delighted with it.

  12. Very nice work you did a great job tfs

  13. Your journal is fab, Sarah. Thanks so mcuh for helping out woith my challenge.

    Hope Zaid is on the mend.

    Sue x


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