Sunday, 12 September 2010


As I mentioned on my earlier post it was Eid on Friday so needless to say last week I resembled a headless chicken! Imagine the scene of the kids returning to school the same week as it is Christmas Day and you will understand how frantic it was!!!

Anyway, it is all over now, I survived, bank account is well and truly empty and the kids had a fun filled day with loads of pressies so that makes me a happy Mum! My husband bought me some storage for my soon to be new craft room (yay) and some spending money for the Happy Stampers show in October, whoohoo!!

Safiyyah in her Salwar Kameez with her bling and mendhi (henna) on.

Yaseen busily opening his presents

Riaz with his "I'm a teenager and I don't do early morning" face on!! Zaid avoided the camera altogether by staying in bed!!!


  1. Oh lol .. fab pics .. safiyya looks gorgeous!
    Sounds like great time had by all... and i am going to enjoy seeing you spend at the show lol
    Lisa ;)

  2. Hi Sarah it looks like you all had fun. WOW your present sound fantastic xxx Enjoy filling your new storage xxx I am trying to reduce my stash at the minute as I think it is taking over the alcove in my bedroom dedicated to it xxx Hugs Pascale

  3. Great photos Sarah, thanks for sharing this special time with us. :-) xx


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