Friday, 23 July 2010

The good the bad and the ugly! Brayering disaster!!!

Hi all

I ordered a Speedball brayer last week from Sir Stampalot as recommended by my friend Brenda and have been messing about (messing being the operative word) with my Big and Juicy Hydrangea with not much success haha!

When I first started blogging I promised myself to post the good the bad and the ugly.. well this is all 3 rolled into one LOL! I have watched loads of tutorials with loads of different ways of brayering - none have helped my technique though, I think that will just take practise, practise, practise!!!

Anyway, i have bitten the bullet and posted this in the hope that someone will take pity on me and offer me some words of advice or even a one - one tutorial LOL! I am open to suggestions on techniques and constructive criticism on where I have gone wrong - I will read hidden behind my hands...

By the time I got round to stamping the images I was in such a strop with myself that I didn't really take care - stroppy cow I am!!!


  1. Well I don't know what your problem is, I think this is gorgeous!! the colours stunning,we all have to learn,I have a drawerful of disasters,but this is lovely

  2. I think we are our own worst critics - I personally think your cards are lovely, I love the brayered one to. I always think that you can't go wrong with art as it is your interpretation of it. Keep up with it. Sarah x

  3. Thanks for the lovely compliment hun :-) I think you've done a cracking job. The only thing I could suggest is another brayered line of land in the foreground, Barbara Gray always seems to put a really dark layer right at the front often in black or dark brown which would break up the blue. Its a beautiful card Sarah, no lines etc which is no mean feat with brayering lol. It usually takes me quite a few attempts before I get a scene right. I've already thrown 3 away for this weeks Bah Humbug challenge lol. I agree with Sarah's comment, its easy to be critical of your own stuff but you've no need to be with this. I'd never have though it was your first time let loose with the brayer lol
    love and hugs
    Claire xx

  4. Hi Sarah,
    Firstly I think your creation is gorgeous and I haven't dared to do brayering yet, so well done, I love it!
    I have seen some great tutorials on you tube:-

    And you can buy Barbara gray Dvd's and produts here:-
    She is excellent to watch and I think she's done a couple of tutorials on you tube too.

    Hope this helps, keep it up, it really is not like you think, it is very good.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  5. Such pretty colours you've used - I love the Hydrangea pad, too. That's very adventurous for a first try, though - you did amazingly well and it looks great apart from the heavy blue. Try rolling it onto paper to get rid of some of the ink before brayering the actual card, but the above advice is good.


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