Saturday, 3 July 2010

Faffing about and something different!!

Don't be shocked, you aren't on the wrong blog haha. My printer is playing up and as I was messing around with the settings I had to print out some colour images.... well that is where I started off (like you do).

One of the kids is doing a project on India - hence the images, and although my in laws are Indian my husband was born and bred in the UK so he is no source of information!! Anyway as I was messing about I stumbled over a blog called Sunday Postcard Art - which as the name suggests you create a postcard sized piece of art (any medium) as long as it is 6" x 4" so that's where this comes in...

I hand drew the mendhi design along the side of the postcard and heat embossed using gold powder (obviously as it is gold), medallion stamps are Insignia- Basic Grey. The blingy bits are what my husband brought me back from India when he took his Mum over to visit her relatives last year, they are usually used as bindi - where (mainly Hindu) Indian women adorn themselves with as below:

Still didn't get my printer sorted, it is printing in colour no problem but the black/text is terrible. I have tried new cartridges and cleaning the nozzle, I have even sworn at and kicked the dreaded machine but nope, it still won't print properly grrr, if anyone has any suggestions I'm all ears!


  1. Wow Sarah you are a bit of a clever clogs are you not, this is stunning I love the mendhi design.
    I don't know what to suggest as to your printer,you have done the most obvious things,

  2. Sorry to hear about your printer Hun, that sucks :(, BUT, got to say WOW! your peice of art is totally scrumptious. You are so versatile....beautiful. Hope you get your printer sorted soon.
    warmest wishes Anita..xx

  3. WOw, I love this Sarah, its just gorgeous with all that gold and bling. Sounds like you've got a very poorly printer hun,have you done the nozzle clean a few times? I sometimes have to run mine 4/5 times when its hot as it dries up so quick
    Claire xx

  4. oh hun this is just awesome,and how clever are you drawing like that you kept that qiuet,wonderful design,hun hope you sort your printer,out soon,hun I would try what claire says,as I know that can often be the case,and you could also try printing in differnet,ways,like best or photo,whatever the settings are on your printer,hugs cheryl xxxx


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