Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Snowy day!!

Hi all

Well we are like most of the UK well and truly snowed in hahaha!!

I went to bed at about 12.30 last night and there was only a light amount of snow and my eyes popped out of my head when I got up this morning at over a foot of snow. You could hardly see the cars in the street and can't tell where the pavement ends and the road starts!!!

My kids were meant to go back to school today and I had booked today off as an extra day of leave to have some crafty "me time". Blooming typical, every time I try and sneak an extra day off for myself one of the kids are ill, we get snowed in, I end up looking after my nieces or nephews.... there's always something!!!!!

Here are some photos of round where I live and of my youngest 2 kids having fun in the snow...

Half hidden car:

Safiyyah knee deep in snow!!

Safiyyah and Yaseen sitting on the "throne" they made from snow cleared from the drive!!! Doesn't look too cosy and comfy to me hahaha!!!

Knee deep in the road

The neighbours car is under there somewhere!!!

More fun in the snow:


  1. always looks so pretty but not to travel in .

  2. OMG Sarah !!! If this is what its like in the morning my husband Garry will have a right old moan ...he's a right humbug and hates the snow, I have to admit I don't like being cold.
    We live right on the coast and both love the beach in the summer and are looking forward to the sun shining again.
    Your 2 little gems look like they are both having loads of fun and my 2 boys will be out there if it doesn't clear over night so I might have more photos tomorrow, One may even be of grumpy old Garry !!! Lol
    Sweet dreams keep warm
    Hugs Susie xx


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