Monday, 8 February 2010

Hi all

So sorry, didn't mean to post a blank message LOL!

I am off work with the mother of all migraines today, I have had it since Thursday and I *hope* it has reached its peak today!!!

Take care all

Sarah x


  1. Hit to you too are things going for you today? Good I hope :)
    Warmest wishes Anita..xx

  2. ooops, sorry, that should have said Hi to you Sarah lol..xxxx

  3. Hello again Sarah, you will be getting totally and utterly fed up with me posting before long lol. So sorry to hear you have had a migraine, they are evil things aren't they! hope you kick it to the kerb very soon! Thank you so very much for your wonderfully kind comments on my blog about my creations.
    You would be fab at scrapping you know, all you need to do is treat it like a big card, you are a fab card maker so you are already over halfway there. If you found a sketch that you liked for instance and then used a photo or photos instead of a stamped image then you would be getting on great, you could easily add journalling here and there if you wanted and any embellies like you would in card making. If a 12 x 12 size is a bit scary to start with you could always do an 8 x 8 album, or even a 6 x 6, although I have found that the smaller you go the more restricted you are because of trying to get the photos on and then embellies too. Have a play Sarah, you will love it, I know I do! I would love to see what you make....Go on CAN do it! there are some lovely sites out there that are full of inspiration, have you ever looked at or or
    give me a shout anytime ok :)

    Warmest wishes


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